Demo movies

Various videos about our engine are at

Castle Game Engine YouTube channel

You can download AVI versions with (slightly) better quality for some videos below. For newer videos, just switch YouTube to "HD quality".

  1. Demo movie from "The Castle" game (AVI) (29.9 MB) (on YouTube here)
  2. Demo movie showing GLSL shaders and steep parallax mapping (12.7 MB) (on YouTube here)
  3. Demo movie from "The Rift" (4.6 MB) (on YouTube here)
  4. Flames (4.5 MB) (on YouTube here)

Software that I use to create videos:

  1. First three videos above were recorded on 2008-05-01. Production entirely on Linux by free software: capture thanks to Yukon (OpenGL video capturing framework), converted to editable format by mencoder (lives can't directly open seom files), editing (glued, fading between parts) thanks to Lives (Linux Video Editing System).

  2. fireplace_demo recorded using view3dscene "Screenshot to video" option.

  3. Most newer videos recorded by GLC and eventually editer using Video Sequencer in Blender.